DPA Welcomes Midlab

January 2, 2019

“Everything Clean” defines much more than their products; it is the driving force behind their approach to business, to customer relationships, and to quality. Midlab strives for streamlined processes, straightforward communication, and transparent relationships.

Midlab’s “Everything Clean” guarantees customer success through superior branding, effective cleaning solutions, and unparalleled sales support. They may have a large customer base, but they view all our customers as individuals. They strive to make each one of them feel significant—as though each were their only customer. That’s the Midlab Difference.

They have achieved year-over-year growth since launching in 1980, but their commitment to doing small things well—even on a large scale—remains unchanged.

Midlab specializes in cleaning formulations powered by big visions. In addition to their in-house product line, they offer private labeling, custom blends, and retail solutions. They also accept short-term contracts with clients who want to manufacture solutions and fulfill  orders.

They’re always searching for new solutions and better manufacturing processes that make their customers’ lives easier. They believe small details—a different applicator, redesigned packaging, tweaks to a product formula—add up to significant advantages in performance.

In short, they solve customer challenges, and the diversity of Midlab’s offerings guarantees that they can produce a solution for anyone.




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